1. After completing U.K.G. the child should be readmitted to class I.

2. The School uniform is to be worn on all days. A student who is not neatly dressed may excluded from the class room or even sent home.

3. Every student should bring his/her hand book daily' . to school.

4. Students should attend the school regularly. They must reach the school at least five minutes before the first bell.

5. The warning bell before class is a signal for all to go to the assembly or to their respective classrooms. This should be done silently.

6. Students should show respect to the school authorities and the staff. They should be gentle and polite to their companions.

7. No books (other than library books), magazines or newspapers should be brought to the school without permission.

8. A student returning to school after an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor's fitness certificate to sit in the class.

9. A student may be allowed to go away from School during School hours along with the parent only with a written application stating the reason which must be serious and reasonable.

10. All  are  expected  to  speak  in  English within the school premises.

11. The absentees  and the late comers  must  show  to their  teacher  leave application/late coming record for admission to the classroom.

12. The school reserves the right to compel the parents to withdraw their children if their progress in studies is unsatisfactory or their attendance  is irregular or the conduct is harmful to other children.

13. Regular attendance is compulsory for promotion.Those who   fail   to   get   75%   of   attendance  will    be detained.

14  Since it is a co-educational school, it is expected from the students to observe a high standard of decorum as expected by society. Use of vulgar and filthy language are punishable offences. Shouting and whistling is not allowed in the school building and the school premises.

15. Firing crackers/splashing colours in the school on any occasion is forbidden.

16. Students should not bring any sharp instrument to the school.

17. No student should ravish or damage the school property in any way. Damage done/noticed must be reported at once to the class teacher. Any damage done to the school property will have to be compensated.

18. Wearing of gold, artificial ornaments, valuable watches or any other articles is strictly forbidden. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any valuable things, books, pens, money and soon.

19. Students are not allowed to enter class rooms other than their own.

20. Students should keep the class rooms and school surrounding neat and clean.

21. Students  are warned  against  buying any  eatable from  street  vendors.

22. Personal hygiene and cleanliness of every student in the school is essential. The uniform must be clean and neatly pressed, shoes well polished, finger nails pared and hair neatly arranged. Use of excessive cosmetics is not desirable.
23. Students  should  go  home  straight  after  the  school hours.
24. Smoking, chewing gum, eating pan masala, betel leaf and any kind of intoxicant are strictly prohibited.
25. Celebration of  birthday by  students and giving  gifts either to their friends or to the teachers is not permitted.
26. Money collection by students for any purpose is not allowed.
27. Students   should   mark   his/her   name,   admission number,class and section on all his/her books.
28. Perfect   silence  is   to   be   observed  in   class, laboratory and library.
29. No fancy hair styles  are allowed to school.
Hair should be neatly  combed and oiled. Hair gels are strictly  not allowed
30. Boys should  have their hair trimmed  regularly preferably crew cut.
31. Girls need to make two plaits with red ribbon  and blue ribbon and red and blue hair bands respectively. Girls are not allowed to use nail paints, hennas, colorful  hair bands  or hair pins.
32. Students must be picked  up punctually after school  hours for the day. The school cannot  be held responsible for the safety of any pupil beyond that period.